For City Council

In South Pasadena's

Dear friends and neighbors,

Having spent over 20 years in South Pasadena, I have grown to love this diverse community and its commitment to the best of small-town living in a cosmopolitan urban village. Everything that makes South Pasadena great is because engaged residents invest their time, talent and resources to better the community.

From my early years as an AYSO coach to my recent time on the school board, I have been committed to giving back to this community in return for all it has given to me and my family.

There’s never been a more vital need for effective and experienced leadership. These challenging times have affected everyone in our community, some in deeply painful and lasting ways. Every city department, as well as our community businesses, are being forced to adapt in the face of tremendous uncertainty.

To meet these unprecedented challenges, I am running for city council, where my experience, knowledge and commitment can best serve this community.

We need innovative ideas, renewed energy and a willingness to work together toward solutions that will promote the health and resilience of our community.

The voters of South Pasadena have high expectations for their leaders. We expect them to be accessible and innovative, with the values, energy and skills needed to create a better future for all residents.


I am committed to these core values in all that I do as a community leader:


I will ensure that information is shared, decisions are explained, and mistakes are acknowledged. This builds trust with the community and accelerates problem solving.

Mutual Respect
I will respect everyone's voice and ideas. We cannot allow labels, stereotypes or hardened attitudes to prevent us from giving everyone dignity and space to be heard.

I will work with all stake-holders to create consensus whenever possible. I’ve already achieved significant results working collaboratively. After many years of community and public service, I've come to believe with all my heart we are indeed "better together."


When you love a community you nurture it. I’ve been a volunteer and in public service for the past 30 years, the last 20 in South Pasadena. Working passionately to make our community better, I will be reaching out to every voter in district 3 to listen to your concerns, and to formulate a list of priorities I will take with me to the city council.


I know how to manage a public agency that successfully partners with the community to achieve great things. As your elected representative on the school board, I've shared decision-making responsibility for a $40+ million annual budget. With my colleagues on the school board, I initiated two successful citywide voter initiatives to support our schools, initiatives that garnered over 70 percent South Pasadena voter approval.

Join me to make South Pasadena Better Together. Find out more about Jon Primuth, where I stand on the issues, and get involved or endorse.

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